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onsolidated Perrys Chemical Engineers in Chemical Engineering Resources
Chemical Engineers Handbook: A complete book of process design data
By sjshar1510 on Jun. 21 2007
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Chemical Engineering Desing Project.pdf in Chemical Engineering
By ChEngineer on May. 22 2006
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Chemical-Engineering.htm in CHEMICAL
By instrutech 33 days ago
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Perrys Chemical Engineering Handbook.pdf in BOOKS
It is the Chemical Engineer's Handbook
By iamsriharsha on Feb. 21 2008
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By alijadoon on May. 18 2007
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Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations.pdf in Chemical Engineering
By ChEngineer on May. 22 2006
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Introduction to Chemical Engineering Computing.pdf in Chemical Engineering
By ChEngineer on Aug. 3 2006
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Handbook Of Chemical Engineering Calculations - Chopey.pdf in ChemE Books (EFGH)
(641 Pages) Third Edition. Nicolas P. Chopey. 19 Chapters covers complete Chemical Engineering Calculations.
By Engineer S. Kumar on Sep. 19 2007
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Chemical engineering electroplating technical synopsis.txt in Free Chemical Engineering Books for Download
By wong 49 days ago
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Design of Experiments in Chemical Engineering.pdf in Chemical Engineering
By ChEngineer on Aug. 3 2006
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fundamental handbook of thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid flow
fundamental handbook of instrumentation and control
fundamental handbook of mathematics
fundamental handbook of chemistry
fuel cell handbook
organic chemistry handbook
handbook of chemical process hazard analysis
handbook of process safety management for highly hazardous chemicals
fundamentals handbook of engineering symbology, prints and drawing
handbook of primer on spontaneous heating and pryophoricity
engineering statistics handbook
Sanitary and Industrial Waste Water Collection - Pumping Station
Dewatering and Groundwater Control
Design, Construction and Operation Small Water System
Liquid Process Piping
Conduit, Culverts, and Pipes
Radiation Protection Manual
Industrial Ventilation
Protective Coatings and Paints
Chemical Grouting
Chemical Engineering Electroplating Technical Synopsis
Technical Guidelines for Hazardous and Toxic Waste Treatment and Cleanup Activities
Air Pollution Control Systems for Boiler and Incinerators

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Chemistry Disciplines> Chemical EngineeringChemical EngineeringCheck here for great articles and websites concerning the ins and outs of Chemical Engineering. Topics include process modeling, heat & mass transfer, design, membrane separation, thermodynamics, fuel cells, fluid dynamics, and many more!Chemical Engineering Edu... @ Thermodynamics & Physica... @ Metals & Alloys @
What Is Chemical Engineering? What Do Chemical Engineers Do?Are you confused about how chemical engineering differs from pure chemistry or other types of engineering? Here's an explanation of what chemical engineering is and what chemical engineers do.Calorimetry and Heat FlowThere's a worked example for coffee cup calorimetry and another for bomb calorimetry, with links to review calorimetry and thermochemistry concepts.Laws of ThermochemistryCertain rules or laws apply to thermochemical equations and enthalpy. These are explanations and examples of these laws, including Hess's Law.Spiders in SpaceColumbia's STS-107 carried Australia's first animals into space. Learn about the Columbia spider experiment and the Skylab 3 experiment and visit links to ground-based research and space exploration.What Is Distillation?Distillation is a common chemistry process used to separate materials by changing their states of matter. Learn more about how the process works and find out about different types of distillations.
What Is Reverse Osmosis?This handy technique is used to desalinate seawater and purify bottled water. Find out how it works!Why Is Stainless Steel Stainless?Learn about the chemistry of stainless steel. This article, from your About Guide, also includes descriptions of the different types of stainless steels, comments on passivation, and numerous links to sites offering related information.A Chemical Engineering TimelineHistory of chemical engineering from the opening of America's first chemical plant in 1635 to the Oklahoma City bomb in 1995.A Detailed Look at HydrogenFrom Christopher Haslego, facts, conventional production methods, and production methods from renewable resources.Adsorption Design GuideFrom the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, guidelines for the design of liquid and vapor phase adsorption systems, includes principles and theory of adsorption, liquid and vapor phase carbon adsorption, carbon regeneration, and non-carbon adsorption, PDF-file.Adsorption Refrigeration TechnologyPage by Michel Pons about the principle of adsorption cycles for refrigeration.AdsorptionAn introduction: adsorbents, applications, types of adsorption isotherms, batch adsorption, design of adsorption columns.An Introduction to Pinch TechnologyIntroductory article written by employees of AspenTech about process heat integration and Linnhoff's pinch technology.Basics of Injection MoldingArticle by Christopher Haslego, description of the process, drawing and photo of an injection molding machine.Basics of Phase EquilibriaAn introduction to phase equilibria and their role in chemical engineering from the Chemical Engineers' Resource Page.Biomaterials Properties DatabaseMechanical, thermal, chemical and flow properties of dental and medical biomaterials.Biomaterials: Body Parts of the FutureBy Cheryl R. Blanchard, article from Technology Today on biomaterials for implants. Long with many pictures.Centrifugal Pump TutorialFrom Pump World, terms, operation, pump curves, calculation of total dynamic head and system head curves, NPSH and cavitation, operation in parallel and in series, and charts.CFD ReviewNews/support/information clearinghouse for the CFD community.Comparison of PID Control AlgorithmsFrom ExperTune, about differences in PID control algorithms and controllers.Clean Energy BasicsFrom the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a primer on renewable energy.Complete Guide to Ethics ManagementFrom Carter McNamara, an extensive online ethics toolkit for managers.Controls Systems Lab OnlineFrom the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, various systems for online experiments. See also How it Works.Cooling Towers: Design and Operation ConsiderationsFrom Christopher M. A. Haslego, article about main types, theory, design and operation of cooling towers.Copper Corrosion Resistance DatabaseFrom the Copper Page, database of corrosion resistances of copper and copper alloys. Searchable by alloy, resistance level, and environment.Cyclone Separators -- An OverviewFive articles by student teams from Washington State University and University of Idaho covering operating principles, applications, and sizing. They've also found many references.Database of Zeolite StructuresFrom the Structure Commission of the International Zeolite Association, provides structural information on all zeolite structure types.Desalination System Using the Membrane Distillation ProcessPrinciple and features of membrane distillation for seawater desalination.Design Considerations for Pressure Swing......Carbon Adsorption Vapor Recovery Systems. Paper by W. Nicholson Tuttle and Jon W. Young.Diffusion ProcessesFrom Michael Karweit's Virtual Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, explore two-dimensional diffusion phenomena by configuring and running the Diffusion Simulator (Java applet).Distillation Theory And PracticeOnline slide show about distillation principles, equipment, and basic design.DistillationFrom The Distillation Group, an overview of distillation processes.Don't Gamble With Physical Properties For SimulationArticle by Eric Carlson that discusses criteria you can use to choose thermodynamic models for phase equilibria calculations. Adobe PDF file (233 kB).Downsizing ChemistryArticle exploring current microscale technologies, by Michael Freemantle, Chemical & Engineering News.Duct Friction Loss and Velocity Pressure CalculationOnline calculator for compressible fluid pressure drops in rectangular or cylindrical ducts.Dynamic Simulation of Chemical a Tool to Teach "The Real Problem" of Identification and Control. A paper by Marta S. Basualdo presented at the ASEE/IEEE FIE 95 Conference.Endothermic and Exothermic ReactionsLearn about endothermic and exothermic chemical reactions and get instructions to perform your own hot and cold chemistry demonstrations.Energy Conservation in DistillationFrom the Chemical Engineers' Resource Page, examples for energy savings in distillation processes.Engineering, Invention & TechnologyArticle by John E. Shepler, what do engineers really do?Fact Sheet on Renewable EnergyQuick facts about energy, renewable energy sources, and CO2 emissions.FAQ on What Engineers Are and DoA summary about what engineering is and the difference between engineering and science, by Ron Graham.Feedback and Temperature ControlFeedback control demonstrated at the example of an oven controlled by a PID temperature controller. Includes an interactive simulation of the oven-controller system to experiment with.Filtration SpectrumColor graphic illustrating the range of materials removed by filtration technologies from particle filtration through reverse osmosis; also available as PDF file.Flowsheeting on the World Wide WebReport about a system that provides "flowsheeting", i.e. mass and energy balance computation, across the WWW. A VRML viewer (e.g. Live3D integrated in Netscape Navigator) is required to see the generated flowsheet.Fluid Phase Equilibria PageFrom Quest Consultants, online calculator for the vapor pressure curve of a pure component or the pressure-temperature phase envelope of a mixture, uses the Peng-Robinson equation of state.Fuel Cell Fact SheetFact sheet on fuel cells published by the Environmental and Energy Study Institute, PDF file.Fuel Cells for EveryoneArticle about the development of economical materials and processes, from Siemens.Galvanic Series of Metals and AlloysFrom the Mc Nally Institute, a list from anodic or least noble to cathodic or most noble.Gas Adsorption AnalysisIntroduction to the gas adsorption technique for measuring the specific surface area and pore size distribution of powdered or solid materials.Gas-Vapor Phase Equilibrium CalculationsA mini-tutorial by W. R. Smith that discusses the calculation of dew-point temperatures and pressures in gas-vapor systems.Glossary of Energy TermsFrom the California Energy Commission, an alphabetical listing of terms related to energy in its various forms.Glossary of Renewable Energy Terms and PhrasesGuide to terminology from the Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse.Guided Tour to Granular DynamicsFrom Y.-h. Taguchi, mixing, flow, vibration, fluidization for beginners.Heat ConductionFrom Michael Karweit's Virtual Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, Deduce the cross-sectional profile of a heated conductive bar based on its temperature (Java applet).Henry's Law Constants (Solubilities)List of data for more than 500 species in water. Available in postscript format, subdivided into small files, or as a plain ASCII text file.How Batteries WorkIntroduction to battery chemistry and construction on a basic level. One of the many articles from the How Stuff Works series by Marshall Brain that explains technical topics.How to Organize Your ThesisA note by Prof. John W. Chinneck about graduate research and how to write Master's and Doctoral theses. Contains also a generic thesis skeleton.How We Lose Heat to the EnvironmentHypothermia and the modes of heat transfer from the human body to the environment, online or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version.Impregnated Activated Carbon......for environmental protection. Paper by K.-D. Henning and S. Schäfer, CarboTech-Aktivkohlen GmbH.In Depth Look at Extractive DistillationArticle by Dominic Foo Chwan Yee at the Chemical Engineers' Resource Page.Insulating ProductsFrom Thermal Ceramics Inc., various materials for thermal and acoustical insulation.International Sieve ChartFrom Reade Advanced Materials, a table comparing various sieve standards (ASTM, JIS, BSI, AFNOR, DIN, Tyler®, particle diameter, mesh).Introduction to Biomedical EngineeringLecture slides from Carlos E. Davila: definitions, history, electrophysiology, transducer principles, intrumentation, and measurement systems.Introduction to CeramicsArticle from Greg Geiger, American Ceramic Society, definition, history and impact on society, technical ceramics, and future applications of advanced ceramics.Introduction to Computational Fluid DynamicsFrom CHAM, a brief description for beginners.Introduction to Continuum MechanicsBook by Brian Kennett in PostScript format. Covers the concepts of deformation and stress field, constitutive relations for various materials including fluids, and the Navier-Stokes equation.Introduction to MicroengineeringTutorial by Danny Banks covering MEMS, micromachines and microsystems.Langmuir EquationDerivation of the Langmuir equation and graphical illustration (Java applet).Lean Oil Absorption ProcessesDescription of an absorption process in which natural gas liquids (NGLs) are removed from natural gas by contacting with a liquid hydrocarbon solvent (oil).Liquid MembranesTerm project by Chris Patillo at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute about the liquid membranes.Making Decisions with InsulationFrom Christopher M. A. Haslego, about insulation of pipes and other equipment: theory, economics, safety, and process conditions.MaterialsLecture notes from David Harrison, everything you wanted to know about materials: structure and bonding, conductivity, alloys, smelting, polymers and plastics, and more. Long (100 kB).MatWebFree online materials database. Composition, physical, mechanical and thermal properties of more than 13,000 metals, polymers, and ceramics. Browseable by category of material or searchable by name, property requirements, composition.McCabe-Thiele MethodOnline calculator for the number of theoretical plates in a distillation column using the McCabe-Thiele method.Membrane Separation Processes Article by G. Srikanth about different membrane products and processes in terms of their state of development, and technical and economic relevance.MicrofiltrationTechnical papers from Osmonics about basic principles and applications of microfiltration.Molten Carbonate Fuel CellsDesign and operation of the Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell (MCFC).NanofiltrationTechnical papers from Osmonics about many aspects of nanofiltration including basics, principles and applications.On-Line Friction Piping LossCalculation of pressure losses for flowing liquids in piping, fittings, and valves.On-Line Pump System DesignInteractive (JavaScript) application for pump sizing and design, contains extensive "Pump Terminology" and "Technical Data" screens.PID Control InformationFrom John Shaw, a brief description of the standard PID control algorithm used in most controllers.Osmosis, Reverse Osmosis, and Osmotic Pressure... ...what they are; a brief introduction by Uri Lachish.PlasticsFrom San Diego Plastics, Inc., an introductory text covering the history, properties, processing, and selection of plastics.Pressure TestingSection from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's (LLNL) Environmental, Safety, and Health Manual about the test procedures that LLNL uses for their pressure vessels.Pressure Vessel and System DesignRequirements for the design of pressure vessels and systems at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Useful reference.Pure Water HandbookFrom Osmonics, gives an overview on available technologies for water purification and their application; Adobe pdf file; long (1.1 MB).Rheological Methods in Food Process EngineeringFree online copy of the book by J. F. Steffe, second edition (second printing) 1996, Freeman Press, East Lansing, MI, USA; PDF file.Rheology NomenclatureDealy, J. M., "Official nomenclature for material functions describing the response of a viscoelastic fluid to various shearing and extensional deformations," J. Rheol., 39(1), 1995, Acrobat (PDF) format.sci.engr. FAQ on Engineers and EthicsFrom Dr. Ron Graham, definitions, characteristics of ethical statements, examples of ethical questions, and references.Signals, Systems, ControlDemonstrations developed by students at Johns Hopkins University, mostly with Java applets.Silica Gel - FAQWhat is silica gel and how does it work?Solid-Liquid SeparationReview of equipment for solid-liquid separation such as vacuum and pressure filters, filtering and sedimenting centrifuges, thickeners, and clarifiers.Statistical Process Control: Process and Quality ViewsExcellent article by Christopher Haslego about the basics of SPC for monitoring chemical and other processes.Steady Under PressurePaper by Andrew W. Sloley, The Distillation Group, Inc., about distillation pressure control.Supercritical FluidsLecture slides by James K. Hardy, University of Akron, on supercritical fluids and their application in extraction and chromatography.The Coulter PrincipleA brief description of the Coulter method for sizing and counting particles.The Ideal Flow MachineJava applet to experiment with and visualize elementary two-dimensional ideal flows. Sources, sinks, vortexes etc. can be placed and the streamlines are plotted.Top 100 U.S. Chemical FirmsArticle from Chemical & Engineering News about the econonomic situation of the U.S. chemical industry. Table of the Top 100 chemical producers in 1996 ranked by sales, operating profits, profitability, and assets.Tower Sizing and PricingFrom Christopher M. A. Haslego, Excel spreadsheet for preliminay sizing and cost estimation of distillation columns with internal trays.Transport Effects in MicroreactorsFour lessons about microreactors done by students as a project in a chemical engineering course.Unbounding the Future: the Nanotech RevolutionWhat molecular nanotechnology will mean in practical terms. Web version of the book by K. Eric Drexler, Chris Peterson, and Gayle Pergamit.Units for Particulate MeasurementFrom Reade Advanced Materials, definitions of important quantities and units.What CFD Can and Cannot DoConsiderations about the capabilities of CFD from CHAM.What is a Chemical Engineer?A very good introduction for those who do not yet know what a chemical engineer is and what he does.What is a Refinery?From Chevron, a look inside the maze of silver towers and pipes. Includes an illustration showing a refinery's most important processes, a quick lesson in refinery economics, and a speech about "The Refinery of the Future."Why Apply a Coating -- Corrosion?Online article by Mario S Pennisi on the site, the requirements for corrosion to proceed, types of corrosion and techniques to restrict corrosion.World Chemical OutlookFrom the December 15, 1997 issue of Chemical & Engineering News, a look at the future of the chemical economy in different marketsAnalytical Methods, Products and ServicesBiomedicalBiotechnologyCeramicsChemical Producers and SuppliersDatabasesEducation ResourcesElectrochemicalEnergy, Conservation and EfficiencyEngineering and ConstructionEnvironmentFluid MechanicsForest ProductsHeat Transfer Mass Transfer Materials and PropertiesNuclearParticle TechnologyPetrochemicals and FuelsPolymersReactionsProcess ControlProcess DesignProcess ModelingSafety and Hazards Software Products and SuppliersStandards Statistics and Experimental DesignTeaching Topics and ResourcesTechnical Water Technology